Mobile App Canvassing

Mobile App Canvassing

The BlueVote Canvassing app has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Your canvassers will just get it. Spend less time training and more time door knocking and talking to voters. That’s how you turn out voters!

Managing and setting up canvassing events is powerful and a breeze. BlueVote includes standard features that you’d expect from a modern Mobile Canvassing App. You’ll be able to manage volunteers, and track progress with ease. However, BlueVote’s automatic AI-powered turf-cutting tool is the feature that will save you those valuable hours during your campaign’s crunch time.

Your canvassers can also instantly create a list of voters nearby. Canvass-on-the-go means you don’t need to worry about coordinating turf for your message to get out.

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Mobile App

Get your volunteers started instantly with the Mobile App on iPhone and Android.

Automatic turf cutting

Save countless hours with Automatic AI-powered turf cutting. Our AI will cut your turf into small and walkable chunks.


Canvass wherever and whenever by creating a list on-the-fly of nearby voters. Your volunteers to start canvassing instantly.

Phone Canvassing

Phone Canvassing

BlueVote’s online phone banking lets you decentralize your calling and get to work. With an uncomplicated interface and smart surveys lets your canvassers can start calling right away. The phone canvassing admin interface lets you monitor and track your progress in real time with pre-made reports.

Phone canvassing projects have static links that are updateable. This means than if you change your project after sending out the link to your volunteers, you can change the project, but the link stays the same. You’ll never have to send out an embarrassing ‘updated link’ email because someone made a simple mistake.

Start your digital campaign

Track your progress in real-time

No Extra Cost

BlueVote’s Online Phone Bank is completely included in your subscription. No extra payments, minuets, or plugins required.

Easy to use interface

Canvassers can quickly login using their email, and see a customized script for each person. Customized templates are available for calling voters, volunteers, or donors.

Static Links for Calling

Your callers keep the same link while your campaign is making calls. You can update the people on the calling list, or the script to use, without every changing the link the callers need to use.

Blue Vote Mobile App Canvassing


BlueVote is proud to be partnering with ThruText (formerly Relay Txt) to provide peer-to-peer texting for our clients. This service does require a separate contract with Get Through, but you can manage everything from within your BlueVote account.

Click here to see more about ThruText and the products they offer.

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