Data Visualization

Campaign Data Universe

Campaign Data Universe

Sometimes you just need to see the data. BlueVote offers industry-leading, cutting edge data and voter visualization tools built right in.

Build a universe of voters, donors, volunteers, members, or any other dataset you want to explore. See data for partisanship, age, ethnicity, registration dates, and precinct density all in one place. Click right on the graphs or the map to see details on that data point.

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Visualize a better way

See your data

Get rid of endless spreadsheets, and hours trying to format graphs and learn mapping programs. See your data in one click, and get back to work.

Understand your data

Your data should work for you, not the other way around. Never miss another opportunity because you just didn’t know what to look for. Our Dashboards are easy to understand and ready to go!

Mobilize your data

Data is not the end, its the beginning. Once you see what to do, react and send out canvassers, call voters, email your supporters, and more, all from one place.



BlueVote does lets you see exactly what you want to see on the map. Want to see 250k voters, 300k voter, 450k voters? Go for it! We show you color-coded density clusters so you can easily get an idea of where your voters live. Zoom in and see individual homes on the map color-coded by household party type.

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See all the information in one place

Density Clusters

See your voters grouped into easy to understand density clusters that are heat scaled from Green (low density) to Red (high density).

Individual House Points

When you want, you can always switch to point view and see every house as a dot on the map. We color code the houses based on the partisanship of who lives there. Democratic houses are Blue, Republican houses are Red, and mixed/other houses are grey.

No Limits

We have removed all the limits of how many people you can show on a map. Load the whole district, zoom in and out. It’s voter mapping the way it should be.



BlueVote is the ONLY campaign software with a full, national, and frequently updated precinct map file. See precincts, with counts of voters and houses, directly on the map. Direct access to the precinct boundaries allow you to easily conduct district research, create universes, as well cutting and printing turf for door-to-door canvassing.

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Constantly Refreshed

We build these maps, so we can refresh them whenever we get new voterfile updates from your state. If we find changes to the precinct lines they are usually updated within two weeks.


These precincts can be used for your actual work. Click on a precinct to assign it to the mobile app, print a paper list, or get counts.

Data Visualization

Combine these precinct lines with our data visualization tool and you have a very powerful tool to see any data you want, and see exactly on the map where it is happening.

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BlueVote is the innovative campaign management software perfectly designed to search, count, leverage, and manage all your data in a centralized platform.

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