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Fundraise with one time donations or monthly recurring payments. Sell tickets to events, and have people RSVP to events, and answer survey questions. Don’t worry about coordinating your data between your voter database and your incoming webform data. We will match all your webform submissions to the voter file and tag them with the correct responses.

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Improve your conversion rates tracking

Monthly Payments

Have your donors sign up for monthly payments. This is the best way to keep the money coming in throughout the campaign.

No Merchant Account

We handle everything on the money processing and transfer process. Just login to BlueVote, link your bank account, and you are good to go!

Sell Tickets

Having an event, gala, or fundraiser. Create and sell your tickets directly through BlurVote!



Create, edit, and send all your emails from within BlueVote. Schedule volunteer communication, with donor asks and media outreach all from one place. Edit your sender and reply to addresses. Test your email with full A/B testing tools (adjust the sender, subject and/or email body). Our industry leading email program will keep you focused on what to say and when to say it, not which program to send the email and who you have already contacted.

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Reach larger audiences

Easy to Create and Send

Use our drag and drop creator tool to make the email look perfect, and then send it with just a few clicks!

Automated A/B Testing

Use different subject lines, email bodies and senders to test your email versions and make sure the best one goes out to the most people.

Real time updates

As data comes in from the field, quickly send emails out to people who were not home, or who want to volunteer. Don’t waste any time syncing data between systems. Do it all in one place with BlueVote!

Digital Ads

Digital Ads

Create universes of your targeted voters and export to more than 30 pre-approved vendors to match to Facebook, Twitter, or other general internet ads. Stop exporting huge files to send to your digital ad firm. One click and they get notified of your new list and in some cases can get your ads targeting these exact people within 4 hours. Not finding your digital ad agency? We’d be happy to add them. Just have them contact us.

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Big impact, little cost

Target your voters

Pick who you want to see your ads! You’re not paying for ads to be put on the phones and computers of non-registered voters, kids, internet bots, or people around the country who can’t vote in your election.

For any size campaign

As an inexpensive communication strategy with a BIG impact, digital has a home in the smallest and largest budget campaigns.

Be seen everywhere

Serve ads to social media websites, online advertising on search engines, banner ads on mobile or websites and affiliates programs.

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