Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Power your fundraising efforts with our financial software. See fundraising reports, customizable call sheets, or using our AI to get more out of your donors.We have features no one else dreamed about and created with the needs of Campaign Treasurers in mind.

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File compliance reports in a flash

Enter contacts. Enter transactions. Push buttons. BlueVote Finance pulls all the data your agency wants and puts it in the right format.

Next-level fundraising

We have the smartest tools available. Track everythnig. Target your donors. See the results. It’s a winning combination to raise more money for your campaign.

Makes a treasurer's job a breeze

Artificial intelligence. RapidFile your reports. Schedule reports. Dropbox integration. We’ve thought of everything!

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BlueVote® is the innovative campaign management software perfectly designed to search, count, leverage, and manage all your data in a centralized platform.

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