BlueVote can be used by campaigns of any side, from dog catcher, to city council, to Congress, to President. Every campaign has different needs, a different number of voters, and a different schedule. Pricing depends on all of these factors. BlueVote is reasonably priced with your campaign’s budget in mind. We’d be happy to give you a quote, just tell us a little bit about your campaign.

BlueVote has options for campaigns at all budget levels. Purchase just what you need or get the whole enchilada. All campaign accounts have access to all of the same features, the only difference is how you pay for the lists or files that you create.

BlueVote reserves the right to suspend accounts with excessive usage. For example, our Standard account is essentially unlimited, but within reason. If your district has 10,000 voters and you pull 200 lists with 10,000 voters each, this would be considered excessive.

All BlueVote campaign accounts include:

  • Unlimited number of user and volunteer accounts
  • Create specialty voter universes and count reports
  • Create canvassing and mail lists
  • BlueVote Premium Mobile App (iPhone and Android)
  • Email voters directly from within the system
  • Use all the data tools such as scanning, importing data, flagging voters
  • Micro-target voters with digital ads
  • Forms to collect donations and sign up supporters or volunteers
  • Automatic updates of voter data including returned ballots

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Organizational accounts are not eligible for unlimited data.


Perfect for Unions, Nonprofits, PACs, Universities, and other organizations that don’t neatly fit into the campaign bucket. Organizational accounts are Pay-as-you-go accounts that are tailored to the needs of the organization. If you need to load and track your members or need a special field created, we can accomodate you! Contact our sales department to learn more.

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There are a few limitations, but these limitations don’t apply to campaign sub-accounts. Consultant accounts don’t have access to individual voter look-ups, the mobile canvassing app, or digital canvassing tools. Consultant accounts are not eligible for unlimited data.


Do you work on multiple campaigns and need to pull lists on the fly? Do you need access to voter data to research districts and sure campaigns why they should go with you? We have an account for you! Consultant accounts are Pay-as-you-go accounts that are tailored to the needs of consultants. For a ridiculously low monthly fee, consultant accounts have access to these special features to help run your business. Best of all, you own this account so you always have access. You can run counts or pull lists for any campaign at any time.

  1. Ability to resell data with custom invoices
  2. Ability to create sub-accounts for specific campaign accounts
  3. Pull all sub-accounts reports for all campaigns
  4. Sync all volunteer and donor data to your consultant account

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Additional Fees

The Standard account does not charge extra fees for exporting mail, phone, or walk lists. Pay-as-you-go accounts incur a fee for each list that is exported. You’ll be asked to approve the charge for each list.

All accounts will incur fees for the following features as they are used.

  • Financial Reporting & Fundraising – The financial module can be activated with a separate contract. This module starts at around $40 per month for very small campaigns. The average rate is $350 per month.
  • Digital Advertising – We don’t charge you directly for this service. Data files are exported to our digital partners. We charge them for your data and they add this to your invoice for their services.
  • Compliance Calling – We don’t charge you directly for this service. Compliance calling is handled by a third-party vendor, Progressive Contact Technologies. Please contact them for a fee schedule.
  • Email Blasts – One cent per email sent

One important note: Only Democratic and progressive candidates, campaigns, organizations, or consultants are eligible for BlueVote accounts. Even if your race is nonpartisan, you’ll need progressive bonafides to get an access to the system. (i.e. candidate registered as a Democrat, membership in a local Democratic Club, previous held an office as a Democrat, published articles or op-ed displaying progressive values) Decisions about access for any certain campaign’s access are at BlueVote’s discretion.

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BlueVote is the innovative campaign management software perfectly designed to search, count, leverage, and manage all your data in a centralized platform.

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